Applications for iPhone at the best price, thanks to PandoraBox

9:29 AM Edited by Blony

More than 25,000 applications available through the channel of Apple App Store, for devices iPhone and iPod touch. As the amount of products increases, the individual developer or the most important companies, while giving visibility to their products will be forced to adjust prices for consumers.

Sometimes, solid products for a fee, are given for free for a limited time. How do, however, not to miss the best opportunities? Long ago, we present an application fee, which helped in fine order. Today, we suggest PandoraBox, which is free.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, allows the monitoring of applications and games in the App Store. It also allows you to view, in addition to changes in prices, the list of goods become free. A great way to really save on applications / games for iPhone and iPod touch. You download the page.