Android SDK 1.5 official release

6:42 AM Edited by Blony

Good news for developers of open source OS for Google and just see the release of 1 Android 1.5 SDK that comes with all the changes known as Cupcake.

For the forgetful, the pre-release came about two weeks ago and then saw the changes that brought this new version of Android at their interface and the new feature by which the widgets can interact with apps from the homepage.

In short, Android 1.5 SDK can be downloaded from here and see all its features in the release notes of the site to developers.

If it is not clear, ordinary users will not be able to upgrade yet. Can do only those that have an Android Dev Phone 1 (ADP1), and issued instructions that HTC.

Android just need to get to 1.5 users and is expected to happen sometime in May, before the new Samsung I7500 appear in stores in Europe.