Amoebax. A nice clone of Puyo Puyo for UIQ and S60

9:55 PM Edited by Blony

Another free game from AnotherGuest, the profile converter software freeware and opensource videogame on S60 and UIQ smartphones.

This time it is Amoebax, a nice puzzle game clone of the undoubtedly best known Puyo Puyo. Following a terrible mutation, some amoeba species have begun to multiply tirelessly to conquer the world. Fortunately the mutation has also made unstable and so aligning 3 or more together you explode and disappear.

Read the description, there is certainly need to specify that we are faced with a game to Tetris, well designed and enjoyable to play. E 'can prove it is in training mode, which alone or in tournament mode against a friend. Accompaniments more than welcome, good graphics and a catchy musichetta. Try it, it is not bad.

Via Symbian Smartphone


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