Your guide to N-Gage. Free online magazine for the new N-Gage!

6:17 AM Edited by Blony

With the holidays just around the corner there is something better to do than to devote a little 'to their hobbies? Be ', whether among your hobbies, there are also video games, you will be happy to know that Nokia, in collaboration with Pocket Gamer, has just published the first edition of Guide To N-Gage.

The magazine, available online in English, and as a PDF (for now, alas, only in English), is well made and completely free, and is obviously dedicated to the gaming platform of the Finnish manufacturer. You have the latest news, and reviews and previews of the best games available.

Really not a bad idea, come on. I am thinking about the TV program guide sent home for free from the main Pay-TV ...;)