Wordmobi: Once the new version, 0.7.0 RC3!

5:00 AM Edited by Blony

Once the new version Wordmobi, useful tool for the S60 smartphone for editing and posting of articles on WordPress blogs created.

The author has released a few hours ago the RC3 of the new version 0.7.0. Here's the changelog:

-correct the problem on the persisenza blog;
-the initial screen (the
accounts) did not show the icons;
-when you include images on the local, it
is now possible to specify a scaling factor (in percentage). The default is to
use a resolution of 480px, and is perfect for blogs;
-The dialog of the
image is not saved the last folder used.

0.7.0 The final should be released within days, according to the developer. Meanwhile if you want to try this RC3, you can, as usual, download for free online.