WikiPock. Wikipedia in your pocket!

5:32 AM Edited by Blony

Do you have a Blackberry or a Windows Mobile phone and want to always have with you a copy of Wikipedia to date enough?

You can not use a 3G connection or Wi-Fi?

The solution is WikiPock. Wikipock is an application, made in France and heavy 'just' 4G that contains, in compressed form, all over 2 and a half million articles in English dell'Enciclopedia free most famous of the world.

Among its features:

no need for an internet connection;
entire English wikipedia available;
instant search;
pages clean and appropriate consultation on the mobile
opportunity to purchase a microSD ready;
constantly updated;
simple user interface and available in several languages (including

Interesting indeed, as a project, and not too expensive, given the cost (€ 9.99). Maybe I finally found something productive to do while traveling by train and long journeys;)


  1. Mikes said...

    this innovation is amazing and great!~