WikiPock makes Wikipedia offline on your mobile phone

6:20 AM Edited by Blony

First of all, this project is not too convinced with the different options available to access Wikipedia from your mobile (4 years ago that appeared Wapipedia, and this year was the mobile version, including one for the iPhone).

But in this case, points to users who do not have internet access on your cell phone, so I say that is not a long-term bet that makes WikiPock.

The company offers a copy of Wikipedia for offline consultation for $ 10 but holds 4GB ... how many more mobile that the capacity available but do not have internet?

The application allows you to search obviously for items and is available in English, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For now can only be on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, but quickly added iPhone, Android and Symbian.

If you want to have the ability to download updates, you must pay $ 15. 10 per cent of sales are donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.