When a phone is smart?

6:39 AM Edited by Blony

. The other day a friend asked me to explain in a nutshell it is a smartphone, and while it seems that we all know, my friend left me thinking for a while, after which I suggested that a smartphone is a phone that does things you do not like to do.

Now is the blog of a Nokia that while post relates to a method ( "Having things done") and a consultant named David Allen who I think can be applied to any operating system and any phone you want to call intelligent.

According to Allen should serve for a Smartphone:

a) Capture anything you or your work requiring attention (photos, notes, phone
numbers, etc.).
b) Define what to do with those things stored on the phone,
ie organizations, for not resuming them or to resolve them with the phone. For
example, read your mail, open a document or terminate purchase orders
store as a reminder that not everything we do at the moment, oo we need to do in
another setting, including reminders, appointments, etc..

It is interesting that these simple principles based on the methodology of Allen is basically what we can do with a Blackberry, a Windows Mobile or S60. And although the author of the post mentioned a list of applications that help to achieve this form of work, I think that any smartphone user can create his own style of use, according to your preferences.

Finally, I find something that is not mentioned by implication, but never mention it goes for all those who have vague soul is a smartphone that should help you do the same thing twice, and it should help to make fair wherever you are.

Do you, as you use your smartphone?