Weather Watcher Mobile. The forecasts on your Windows Mobile smartphone.

8:11 AM Edited by Blony

It come the weekend, and admit, a program that shows current weather conditions and we can see the forecast for the next hours is always handy.

If you have a phone with Windows Mobile, Weather Watcher Mobile is right for you. WWM is able, in fact, access to climatic data of over 77,000 cities around the world.

Among its features:

Data provided by The Weather Channel
forecasts for tens of thousands of
cities worldwide;
forecasts 46 hours;
expected in 10 days;
alerts (U.S. only);
more than 18 possibilities for converting measure;
radar / satellite map with zoom (not everywhere);
skin (only in the
Pocket PC version)
statistics on the use of the data (are in the Pocket PC

Weather Watch Mobile is free and downloadable online from their website.