Using the Nokia 5800 as a torch through the flash

5:24 AM Edited by Blony

One of the most useful features on mobile phones (even if not used), is to have a torch-light LEDs. Its implementation, however, is not present on all terminals: usually, in fact, many low-end phones are provided, while devices such as Smartphone must resort to external tools.

For external tools, we mean software can turn on the light to flash on the camera. In simple words throughout, but in fact it is not always. The programs for this feature, you are "lost" on the new terminal as the Symbian S60 3rd edition.

However, it seems the problem will still exist on the new platform S60 5th edition, dedicated to the touch screen devices. Thanks to PhoneTorch, you can turn the camera flash device (currently the only one to mount the system) Nokia 5800. Among the side effects, there has to be considered that in the long run, the flash of light could be affected by the strong light emitted. To download, click here.