The use of Mobile Internet is doubled and becomes daily usage

5:21 AM Edited by Blony

. In the latest report from ComScore reported that the number of people using a mobile phone to access the daily news and information on the Internet has doubled from January 2008 to January 2009, a 107% growth and 70% the use of mobile internet is via smartphones. Two great news, see more details:

Another interesting fact is that over 63 million people use their mobile phones to connect at some point during the month, representing 71% growth over last year, so no doubt the potential for growth that will daily or weekly if it is argued that such a high monthly rent.

The company identifies six categories of content, which together reach about 15 million unique users monthly, News, Information, Blogs and Social Networks, Financial Information, Movies, Entertainment and Business Directories. As the second category recorded the highest growth:

Access to Social Networks and Blogs grew from 1.76 to 9.28 million users, up 427%, which justifies the enormous efforts and improvements that are making all their social networks by optimizing mobile sites such as Facebook, MySpace KETEK and all following in the footsteps of