Ulysse Nardin introduced its luxury phone, Chairman

8:01 AM Edited by Blony

As I said when I first heard rumors of this device, there is still room for luxury phones in the market and the Swiss company is considered one of the best manufacturers in the world of watches, Ulysse Nardin, hit the sector.

So, with the help of SCI Innovations, Chairman arrives Ulysse Nardin, a design that seems really well-made, especially when compared with other typically extravagant luxury mobile.

Presented as a hybrid smartphone, this device comes with a mechanical clock that serves not only to see the time but also to charge the battery through kinetic energy that is generated by rotating the rotor.

It also differs from other luxury phones because it is not ostentatious but only comes with several features like 2.8-inch screen and multi-touch sensor recognition of fingerprints to unlock.

Announced, the Chairman Ulysse Nardin is compatible with almost all GSM networks "but did not specify with whom, and supports WiFi, plus a 5 megapixel camera that records video.

As often happens in these cases will be sold as a mobile with a limited warranty for both external and internal arrangements and is expected to be available in 5 colors in the spring of this year (in autumn USA).