Think Western Union transfers from mobile

9:23 AM Edited by Blony

. Western Union is working on a solution to transfer money via mobile phones. The solution is called Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) and will be developed jointly between Western Union, Vodafone and Safaricom between Europe and Africa. For now the solution will be tested with international transfers of services between the UK and Kenya. The users of Western Union and Vodafone in the UK may send funds to any mobile phone subscriber Safaricom in Kenya.

You may have more news of this type of project of Mobile Banking for emerging countries, remember that Argentina is already in place a system of parking payment by mobile and that Bill Gates and the GSMA will promote mobile banking in poor countries, where estimated to be 150 million mobile banking users by 2011 worldwide.

There are many benefits in using mobile phones to make microtransacciones in third world countries, where informality far exceeds the penetration of mobile phones, few people have bank accounts and many millions of people have mobile phones.