Testing the Ultra Touch Samsung S8300

5:30 AM Edited by Blony

I had the opportunity to try for a few days, the Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch, one of terminals provided by the Korean at the Mobile World Congress last month. As you have in your time as you can see in the photographs accompanying this touchdown, it is a terminal with slider keypad and a touch screen 2.8-inch grinding.

The design is extremely careful, as usual with products from Samsung and the phone is quite small (110 x 51.5 x 12.7 mm) and lightweight (116 grams). On the right side of the phone is the button that used to take photographs, and unlock the key slot in which the USB port, which is used to load the terminal to transfer data or connect devices. The slot for microSD memory card is in the battery compartment in the rear of the device, so it's a little uncomfortable accessed.