Telefonica investigates NFC mobile payments in the SIM

6:50 AM Edited by Blony

Telefonica and SERMEPA investigated together the features and benefits of mobile payments using NFC (Near Field Communication). This alliance creates a pilot project called "Mobile Virtual Portfolio" is based on applications of mobile payments in the residents of mobile SIM Telefonica.

In the "Mobile Virtual Portfolio, a resident of Mobile, is to manage the total life cycle of various financial cards (issuance, activation, use and cancellation) from the platform of Telefónica and NFC through the provision of SERMEPA applications. With this pilot project is tested for full interoperability between the different elements of the solution.

With this initiative, Telefonica SERMEPA and betting on the momentum of the NFC technology in mobile payment services in the future that already are a reality today. This new technology applied to payment services provide important benefits, let's see some:

Ease and intuitive use of financial cards from your mobile and fast payment.
Prompt the user to have the card in the mobile financial application after
the issuing entity.
Security through measures that ensure the privacy and
integrity of the SIM card and payment transactions.

A clear NFC technology will have an important role in the development of mobile payments in the coming years. The GSM Association aims to launch an NFC standard sets the minimum specifications of Near Field Communications chips can be used without problems of compatibility between the different platforms that accept this payment method. In this sense Nokia and Visa are doing tests, incorporating the services of Visa payment and payment-related in the new Nokia 6212 Classic, with NFC.