Sygic announces new version of its browser in 2009, even for iPhone

7:01 AM Edited by Blony

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Sygic society, presented its latest version of the navigation system for mobile devices: Mc guider. This is a multi platform, that is compatible with many terminals, including: Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 (even touch the models) and UIQ, iPhone.

Among these, to make the fortune of the company would own the mobile platform of the Mela morsicata. With over 13 million units sold, the iPhone still does not have a product similar to the scope of its users. The new version of Navigator, expand the already excellent features of the user, increasing the experience of browsing the user with the ability to download updates and real-time data (eg speed cameras and traffic info).

Sygic Mobile 2009, will be available soon at a competitive price. There is talk of € 79 (probably with one map) for the European version, vanter million points of interest for more than 70 categories and a voice guidance in 20 languages. The maps are excellent for Tele Atlas, when you have no leaks on the release date and the real possibility of inclusion sull'App Store.