Sony Ericsson MS500, bluetooth speaker to carry around

4:42 AM Edited by Blony

The Sony Ericsson MS500 is a great accessory for those with music phones, but are not satisfied with the speakers of the computer or want to take things to another level.

It as the first speaker bluetooth outdoor photos and promotional clearly want to leave with that feeling. In this sense, the designer of the MS500 Wireless Outdoor Speaker, Salzedo Leonardo said: "If I had to describe it in three words say: fun, compact and free."

Without doubt, the design is one of its strengths with a size of 113 x 83 x 45 mm and weighing 155 grams, splash-proof casing and a belt included. Come in two colors-orange with black and white with pink, but its price is unknown.

I can use with any device that supports Bluetooth A2DP, either Sony Ericsson or any other brand and has a range of 10 meters. The MS500 comes with two AA batteries that give life to 5 hours walk enjoying her power of 2 watts.