Smartphones are still happy for the island safety

7:40 AM Edited by Blony

While on the side of the computer look at the struggles for the discovery of the bug on the part of hackers, which pulls air for smartphone? Phones increasingly sophisticated and fast connections, allow a navigation similar to that available in the Pc. If we rely on the results of the competition ComSecWest, the answer is unequivocal: we are still safe.

The event, in fact, has put $ 10,000 in prizes and the smartphone that you could call to arms to violate dozens of hackers from around the world. None of these caused damage to the four available operating systems: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and OS X Mobile. Among the most coveted prey has been, of course, the iPhone proved to be the most inviolable because of the memory stack that does not allow executables.

No results also by manipulation of applications that require voluntary consent of the owner. At least at the moment, we are safe.