Should Dell buy Palm?

7:46 AM Edited by Blony

. After the comeback of prices in the shares of Palm to announce the launch of the Palm Pre and receive a new injection of cash from its largest investor, Elevation Partners, began the rumors about the future of Palm as a company.

Some speculate that the shares of Palm will continue to rise from nearly $ 9 today and that will break the barrier of $ 12 shortly, with some analysts changing andalusia buy from hold.

But speculation we like best is the one that says it is likely that Dell is considering purchasing a Palm because Palm is still cheap at $ 8, because all operators have turned to Dell prototypes with Android and Windows Mobile, and because was interested before.

This latest addition is the more striking because of two companies that I compete again, Dell and Apple, and again faced two major characters, as did those with single sentences that made history between Steve Jobs and Michael Dell in the past.

Palm not afraid to ... Apple should buy Dell Palm to compete with iPhone?