Samsung B2100 Xplora, SUV

5:28 AM Edited by Blony

The SUV segment is still growing and the Samsung just introduced andalusia Xplore B2100 (not very original name) which can be considered the successor to the B2700, which was considered one of the best in the industry.

This new Samsung Xplore meets the 810F military standards which makes it shock-resistant, dust or temperature extremes, among other things. In addition, you can submerge under water for about 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 1 meters without suffering any problem and comes with an LED flashlight.

To be an SUV, it is quite finite (17.2mm), weighs only 103 grams and comes with some interesting specifications as radio with RDS, MP3 player, speakers, microSD support, Bluetooth 2.1 and the 1.3 MPX camera which records video. And if you're talking about a complicated place, it has noise cancellation technology.

Xplore The Samsung is a triband GSM (850/900/1900MHz) with EDGE and will be available from April in Germany and other European countries.