Rumor: Telefónica will have the exclusive Palm Pre Latin America, Spain and UK

6:13 AM Edited by Blony

. It seems that its subsidiary, Telefonica and Movistar and O2-beat hand to Vodafone and got close a deal with Palm to sell exclusive Palm Pre in markets where they operate. Still need to take this as a rumor but we see that it is.

The information generated by the rumor comes from, which state that the company will market the Palm Pre in Latin America, Spain and the UK.

While nothing is official, according to the source would be coming before the winter (summer Spanish) Latin America and Spain, Movistar "require the hiring of its customers a flat rate of data, based on the gradual subsidy expenditure committed by subscribers. " In the UK, O2 will be marketing the Palm Pre.

Nor transcended any information on the price (depending on the country and the contract) and Telefónica is nothing more than an operating GSM / HSDPA, GSM reach the Palm version that was in Pre MWC2009.