Pin-Up Weather. Weather with a march more on iPhone!

6:54 AM Edited by Blony


Finally a different, in the vast panorama of applications for the weather that recently have appeared on virtually every mobile operating system in the market!

But that was so special this Pin Up Weather? As some of you have already understood from the title, the general climatic conditions we are now listed through 10 movies that show ... be 'pin up the appearance a decidedly sexy, from which clothing can understand what makes out hot or cold!

Besides the movie, fortunately, are displayed on the screen also the condition of the air, the actual temperature and perceived, the ID of the weather station that supplied the data and time of last contact with it. Locality in which you want to know the current weather conditions and forecasts can be detected either by using the GPS smartphone Apple typing it manually.

Come on, how nice idea, if only more original. Pin Up Weather is available on App Store;)