A Palm does not like to copy your WebOS

5:17 AM Edited by Blony

Which emulate the OS on the Web Nuevitas viejito Palm OS, will be discontinued by its developers, TealPoint as Palm would have sent a C & D (cease & desist, orders to cease and desist from continuing doing what you do) and on March 30 will be completely canceled the project.

We do not understand the real motives were, because skin is a Teal Web OS that runs on Palm OS and not an operating system itself. Teal OS in our opinion is a clear demonstration of a job well done by Palm more than an attempt to copy or use the image of the new Web OS.

Clearly this is not a way of working with businesses and developers on your operating system, so we'll finish the episode. Teal developer says he wants to continue working on your Palm OS and Palm Web Pre and therefore accepted the "suggestion" to cancel Teal Palm OS.