Nokia E75 Preview

8:10 AM Edited by Blony

After having seen pictures and video to Mobile World Congress, we return to talk about the Nokia E75, officially presented in Italy and already available in pre-order at a price of € 459.

At the cry of "the limo is for the few, the tram for all", the Nokia E75 is the device able to embrace a wide audience for the use of mobile mail, messaging, thanks to Nokia and QWERTY keyboard that supports the classic numerical keypad.

Starting from scratch, without the need for a PC support, in fact, dall'E75 you can configure your mail account (including Exchange) in a few clicks and only by entering username and password. The system will connect to the network and downloads the configuration data needed, if not already available on your mobile.

Turning to the physical, design and materials there appeared to be of good quality and the QWERTY keyboard is behaving well, offering a typing error-free and with a good feeling. Is devoted to a public business to a consumer customer (with an eye for young people), the E75 can be suitable for both categories, thanks to a sector supported by professional multimedia section, dall'Ovi Store (for applications and games) from the 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and support for Nokia Maps with 3 months of free navigation.

From our brief preview moving the E75 was a good phone, able to succeed to bring mobile email to everyone. The problem, as usual, is the presence of tariffs still too high for the mass market audience el'eccessiva difficulties houses to forge agreements with operators.

See the appointment in the review for new updates about it and for the complete test.