Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: update firmware version v20.2.014

6:23 AM Edited by Blony

The new firmware for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, also known as the Tube.

The changelog of this version does not just fix bugs but also adds some interesting features, such as geo-tagging, the addition of a dictionary, a new design for the keypad and unification of research that works in both local and Internet.

It also improves the sensitivity of the touch screen that, when there was no review seemed the best. Concludes the changes to a greater fluidity for applications and for the rotation of the screen and better viewing of video, particularly in streaming.

To download the new firmware here and then bets let us know how you feel.


  1. Margaret Elmendorf said...

    Your blog looks good. Maybe make it a little more personal, like have you tried this new item???

  2. E said...

    Very informative. Thanks!