No iPhone or iPod at home Gates

6:16 AM Edited by Blony

It seems that someone claimed success from iPhone in the past months can not go down, at least judging by this article appeared sull'edizione U.S. women's magazine Vogue, whose protagonist Melinda, the wife of Bill Gates.

Hearing saying that the spouse of the founder of Microsoft when he speaks of what she and the merits have banned their children:

"There are few things on the list of items that are banned in our house. Certainly the iPod and the iPhone are 2 items that do not take our children. "

Yet the call of the 'forbidden fruit' (not for nothing ... this is Apple) is also strong for Melinda (and even here, nomen omen, as the ancient Romans):

"Every time I look also to my friends and think, 'Ooh, really I would not mind an iPhone'."