New version 2.3 for goText, the program to send SMS for free or almost!

6:23 AM Edited by Blony

Surely the most smaliziato of our authors are well aware of goText, a JavaME download a completely free (it's open source!), Which enables the various sites on the web to send SMS and, in some cases, multimedia, free or a fraction of the cost of telephone operators.

Well, a few days is a new version of the program, 2.3. This release greatly improves the management of connections (especially for users with sim Vodafone Italy), solves some minor problems in goText 2.2, and improves the compression of the text.

Furthermore, after a couple of years, finally returns to the Lite version of the program, which will be much appreciated especially by those who have a phone that supports JAR applications not larger than 64 Kb

Try it, it's worth it. The download can be done from the official website or via phone at / index.wml.

PS. Thanks to Zydio for reporting;)