New Google search results images to iPhone and Android

6:17 AM Edited by Blony

From the blog of Google's mobile team, comes this news of the launch of a new page of results for the search engine for images Android, iPhone and iPod touch.

For now users can enjoy the USA, UK and Japan, who with their devices to search on Google Images, now get a results page with 20 images with the possibility of obtaining detailed information of interest to them.

From the detail page of an image you will see a larger thumbnail, visit the Web site that contains, or view it in full size. Undoubtedly these improvements were needed to achieve a user experience with more options in searching for images from mobile devices.

But it all off, the new mobile page of Google Image supports a new feature called "search-by-style" that allows you to filter the search as if you want to face people, predefined images, designs or content of the photos, for example . This is an option in December 2008 launched the web version of Google Image Search that can be viewed by going to search from your mobile and now the label filter (VEANLO in the image on the left).