New API for Developers Windows Mobile by Samsung

7:35 AM Edited by Blony

Big news for developers by Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has made available on its website APIs necessary to program native applications (ie, NOT for Compact Framework) for smartphones from her products.

Among the phones supported include, among many models unknown to us, also the SGH-i780 Mirage and, of course, was to be expected, the SGH-i900 Omnia.

But what are the APIs released? They are here:

--Accelerometer API: necessary operating histories, which can measure the acceleration along the 3 axes X, Y and Z;
--LED API: used to program the LED lights that control the keyboard and receipt of the notification messages;
--Wheel API Key: For the control of the wheel on this smartphone;
--Optical Mouse API: ditto for the optical mouse;
--TV Out API: Allows you to change brightness, contrast and quality of the video;
--Orientation API has to do with the movement of the phone;
--Light Sensor API: Allows you to control the light sensor;
--Camera Flash API: You can use the camera flash;
--Slider API: Allows you to detect if the slider of the mobile phone is open or closed.

Now we should expect the first applications that they make use of;)


  1. Gena said...

    Interesting. I actually understood some of it.