N-Gage will not get the Nokia N73 and N93

8:36 AM Edited by Blony

If these are bad news for me since some time that I walk with a Nokia N73 and expected to fulfill its pledges to provide support for N-Gage device, the N93 and N93i. But in the end will not be and this is the explanation given by an official administrator of the N-Gage Forums:

Although the N73, N93 and N93i were planned initially as devices that
support N-Gage, we concluded that we will be unable to support these devices in
the future. There are several reasons for this, but the decisive factor was that
we were not satisfied with the experience of playing in the N-Gage mobile. We
understand completely that this is a huge disappointment for those who were
waiting for so long the support and we sincerely apologize for that.

We know that many were excited by this announcement for some time and hopefully can forgive us for not reaching this decision before, but I really wanted to bring N-Gage devices so they continue working on them while we could, but ultimately the quality and stability of the experience was not the best in Mobile.

So if you want to go for N-Gage is going to have to buy some of the Nokia Nuevitas that more are on the list of compatibles.