N-Gage will not be here for ever on the Nokia N73, N93 / N93i: semi-official statements

5:08 AM Edited by Blony

After months of waiting, to be precise 18, the holders of the best selling Smartphone in the world, the Nokia N73 today remain very bitter. Indeed, for models "vecchiotti" as N73, N93 and N93i, was awaiting a working platform of the N-Gage gaming. That does not ever arrive.

However, despite the obvious practical and theoretical difficulties, the Finnish manufacturer has a long wait on the real state of progress of work on this port. Indeed, a growing number of devices compatible with the games, but not the older ones will be, contrary to what was promised.

Unfortunately, there was to be expected because the new terminal have compatible processors more powerful and quantity equal to three times the RAM of the others. The statements come from your N-Gage Arena Forum, a meeting place for players of service who regrets the interruption of work on porting to these phones. Disappointment for the customers and figuraccia by Nokia.


  1. Asif Istiak said...

    Even though N73, N93 and N93i is not officially n-gage compatible. There is a tweaked version of n-gage application with which you would be able to play n-gage games on any s60 3rd edition nokia cell phone. You can get the n-gage application and games here http://symbiansmartphone.com/n-gage-application-for-s60-3rd-edition.html