N-Gage games work on localization

7:36 AM Edited by Blony

Continuing innovations in the gaming platform N-Gage after making official support for motion control and the way forward is with technologies such as those presented in the Nokia Image Space.

To understand the direction in which they imagine from Nokia's future mobile gaming interesting to read this interview with Mark Ollila, director of technology and strategy and leader of Nokia Games Publishing, whose role is to act as a liaison between techies innovative Nokia Research Center and the play equipment.

"We are working on two pre-production of games based on the location, looking to be playing with maps. The question is scale. Players just need to know if the other is in London, for example, or really want to run through the streets interacting with people? "Said Ollila.

To explain the concept a little better, the executive used as an example Mythical Mobile Game to launch a spell where a group of players needed a person in the U.S. and in Europe that are logged at the same time.

"Can we develop a game as a service, for example? Then a true continuous improvement and adjustment of details as the community is coming and going, rather than a simple product to sell. It is something that is much more alive and as a player you want to help generate. Then explore the idea of gaming as a service or platform is really interesting, "Ollila completed in an interview that is to know they have to ambisiones mobile games and see who want to experience.