Mullenweg of Wordpress: "stinks" that has so many mobile platforms

4:52 AM Edited by Blony

This week it appeared on Wordpress Field Engineer looking for a job in his section and that aroused my curiosity so I sent an email to Matt Mullenweg with some questions for myself that you do Automattic this year for the mobile industry .

It seems that Matt was going quite busy since their responses were very short but not so ceased to be relevant. For this year, said they want "native Wordpress client on the Blackberry, Android, Palm and Nokia Pre upscale."

But the most interesting (and funny) is that when I asked if it was so complicated that there is need to develop platforms where applications Wordpress replied: "Yes, it stinks" ( "Yes, it sucks").

As the experience with the application for iPhone said: "He has some hundreds of thousands of users and is very popular in America." According to Matt, which is why they are "inspired" to make applications for other platforms. Do you think blogging from mobile phones will grow? "Absolutely."