Movistar WIFI zone, 3G and WiFi sharing

5:55 AM Edited by Blony

Movistar brings promotion for interesting, incidentally, give a bit of flight and its links with its TiendaMovistar WIFI Zone Mobile team which operates as a WiFi router, but it takes the signal from the modem 3.5G mobile and lets you share up to 5 computers and even has a LAN port to connect computers that have no internal WIFI.

Two big advantages like a promo for the same price you bring the modem 3.5G WIFI Router and the plan is AR $ 119 Unlimited in terms of power consumption in addition to "add" to the use of data and roaming in 18 countries though ... , with no data roaming charges, he could not tell if it's a good idea to have it or not, what is certain is that it could out of trouble more than once to you and your team;)

Note: The people's press Movistar is so bad that I had to use to search for Movistar store data and photos and so on.