Motorola Nest: ecological concept and design

9:15 AM Edited by Blony

Observe well the image above: what makes you think? It almost seems like a spaceship or some ornaments of modern art. It is, in fact, a concept mobile phone developed by Kelly Bremer and renamed Motorola Nest. A product that looks very carefully to the environment, but that certainly does not disdain appearance.

Obviously it is a touchscreen device with all the features a smartphone ever to touch. But the main feature of the Nest is an opportunity to recharge with the movement. Just so, the internal battery uses kinetic energy to provide continuous energy at any time.

There is also the possibility of being able to reload in the "classical". Will we one day see the real Motorola Nest on the market? Difficult to say, even if it is true that the appeal of the concept, both in the special "green" in its specific in its design "like a mirror" could really generate some interest in a market made increasingly similar terminals with one another, especially between the devices sensitive to the touch.