Motorola A455 (Rush 2) for Verizon press pics surface. Interesting QWERTY slider

7:17 AM Edited by Blony

It seems that Motorola did not go unnoticed in the MWC since 2009 by chance a few days later leaked as the number of mobile ZN300, i465 and Ruby VE1. The explanations that come to mind are: unwilling to be overshadowed by the other cell undoubtedly exceeded their models or were not as well developed as to show even a prototype.

In this case it was leaked is the Motorola A455 Rush 2 with a sliding QWERTY keyboard that would be coming to Verizon and we have seen to 2008 as one of the new models this year.

It is a pity but there is not much information A455 Rush 2, but no doubt will compete in the market for a dedicated mobile messaging and social networks. For what is seen may be a good choice in this niche.

You can see that it will be a CDMA / EV-DO service with navigation, Bluetooth, camera and touch screen might be.