More details on HTC's roadmap

4:58 AM Edited by Blony

. Little by little we know, over the last months of the Roadmap for the HTC 2009, and then we learn more details. Now as if it were a catalog of offerings we see in the image features of some models of HTC 2009:

Among the prominent details see the inclusion of NVIDIA's Tegra Ap16 SuperStar for the model, also leaning towards the 4-inch screens. Will limit this trend? It is noted that other phone has the course in that direction.

Furthermore we see that the market is clearly targeting the Pocket PC models with 9, against the two smarthphones that can be seen in the table. Finally, for the memories, a few years ago dreaming of 528 Mhz processor was at least exotic. Today is the standard and the trend is approaching Gigagherz shortly. This is not strange that VMware is preparing to virtualize mobiles.