Mobile Operating Systems for all tastes

4:47 AM Edited by Blony

. While Matt Mullenweg you like smelly, the reality is that today more than ever there is a range of operating systems for mobile, living among us, without a clear predominance of any of the rest.

With that in mind boys at Engadget Spanish took an excellent comparison of operating systems, which I recommend reading.

And not to repeat, or abuse of the note of our colleagues, we are left with only the conclusions that many Solomon, by the way:

It seems that the best operating systems are young, which can evolve smoothly
and offer a surround experience. Apple is doing things very well, the Palm
promises webOS wonders. Microsoft must draw our attention to Windows Mobile 7.0,
because WM6.5 simply is not enough. Nokia and RIM are falling into last place,
because they have not been able to innovate as fast as software improved their
hardware. Finally, Android represents a revolution in power and there is the
possibility of conquering many users, but for now has not survived the criticism
of the market.
They are very juicy pictures of the different platforms, taking as the axis from the kernel, the usability, user interface, operational capabilities to integrate with third-party applications.

Finally, as the correlative of desktop PCs and notebooks, I think we'll see for a long time flavors for all tastes, as each of us has different ways to interact with our phones, and that the experience of that relationship, is what gives each operating system.

Some even copy and paste;)