MilleunaTim the end of the program is approaching and to request the premiums could lead big surprises

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Just over 3 weeks to the end of the campaign of the collection points of Tim: March 31, the customer will halve the moons are not used to collect a premium of the catalog. The mechanism is actually slightly more complicated but the idea is that once exposed.

This way of regulation that clarifies the terms of the conclusion of the contest:

MilleunaTIM the moons are valid for the period of promotion in which they are acquired. The moons accumulated and not used by March 31 will expire in 2009. All customers at 31 March 2009 were enrolled in the program MilleunaTIM receive by April 2009 a bonus equal to half of remaining moons, and not used, at 31 March 2009.

The Board is therefore to use the little time available to check the score accumulated and choose a premium Catalog: the thing that will certainly please the customers is that Tim, after the suspension during the holiday season, have not been more back to good use in the purchase of cellular arrangement in the centers.

With one of the prizes by the deadline of March 31, as well as the way to not lose points unnecessarily, has another advantage in regard to participation in the contest Play your number with MilleunaTIM. The regulation, in short, is as follows: the number of users for whom it was required premium is split into three two-digit numbers starting from the right (eg 335 - 6901855 becomes 90-18-55) with which the client will participate in the contest. If one of the numbers will be among those making up the sestina winning Superenalotto on Saturday following the request of the premium the customer will participate extraction of the premiums payable for the week.

The numbers participating in the competition for all the extractions until the end of March or until the winning of one of the prizes that are identified in the week, may be:

Good telephone traffic from 1000 €;
Trip to Dubai for 2 persons;
Trip to
Zanzibar for 2 persons;
Rolex Submariner watch;
Bulgari necklace;
Scooter Honda SH 125th;
Honda Scooter SW T400.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, we want to point out how even in this case Tim and Vodafone have adopted the same strategy with regard to its schedule of collection points.

Good luck!