JMEBoy. The Game also comes on JavaME phones!

7:35 AM Edited by Blony

You do not have a smartphone, but there should be the same, from time to time, to try and play some old glory of the past?

If so, try to take a look at this JMEBoy, emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Color completely free (it's open source!) Issued for all mobile JavaME by the same author of AndroidBoy, emulator always the small Nintendo console for Android smartphone .

JMEBoy works with all mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 or later, and a fair amount of RAM, since you must load into the cartridges of the GB.

Try it. Sure, we can not expect miracles in terms of speed, of course, but JMEBoy has some very special gems. Do you think it can work even with smartphone with touchscreen and accelerometer, allowing you to give a touch of novelty to the old glories of the past! ;)