Japan. How do you find the pupo!

9:28 AM Edited by Blony

There was much talk of Latitude as Google can be a hindrance to the privacy of users of mobile phones. Not every country in the world have the same sensitivity to this problem, or better, probably for some age groups the problem is felt in different ways.

And 'the case of Japan, where parents worried about their children give them special terminals equipped with GPS warning that allows fathers and mothers always know where they find their children. But not only, in addition to GPS, mobile phones Japanese also use other techniques for locating useful in areas where it is under cover, the GPS signal is not funzionae: train stations, for example, once you pass the entrance , the RFID chips of mobile phones provide to send an email with details of where the phone is located.

I admit being a little 'uneasy, but putting in the shoes of parents of small children, I can only think that they are of useful inventions.