It come spring! How do you find the cherry blossoms in Japan!

8:05 AM Edited by Blony

Spring also arrived in the country of the Rising Sun and so, as every year for centuries if not millennia, to come back strongly relied on the traditional Japanese throughout dell'Hanami.

What is this? Presto said. The Hanami is the tradition of enjoying the spectacle of flower buds of the flowers, mostly cherry. The tradition is so important that every year, the flowering of the trees is even announced during the weather forecast.

He could miss the contribution of mobile phones? Of course not, and so there is real information services maintained in an almost unbroken by Japanese mobile phone users, along with GPS information on the route to be taken to find the most beautiful park where being a nice picnic. At least, for once, we can not blame the technology to reduce sociability of the people;)