Ireland: The government thinks a tax on SMS

5:47 AM Edited by Blony

Singular, but not trivial, initiative, as assessed by the Irish Government the opportunity to tax 1 € / cent, each SMS citizens. Obviously the news is of particular surprise and annoyance on the part of consumers and the various associations.

If the plan enters into the act, while beating case, has estimated revenue of approximately EUR 146 million a year. The Committee of the Irish Cellular Industry Association, pointed out that the surcharge would be unfair and unjustifiable for the Irish people, who already pay 21.5% VAT.

Consumers, therefore, would have to pay even more for a service that, on balance, the phone company does not create any expenditure related. Moreover, this tax could affect the pricing packages at fixed (or easier if we want) which provide a fixed amount of SMS. Packages and prices very widespread in Europe, which are slowly gaining ground by us.