The iPhone and AT & T failed to fail where they should not

4:51 AM Edited by Blony

SXSW South by Southwest is the largest annual event for geeks in the U.S., so there were thousands (Silicon Alley Insider says "tens of thousands) of iPhone and one could say that was the highest density per square meter for iPhone Across America U.S. and where AT & T must demonstrate their ability to network.

This did not happen, the networks of AT & T collapsed and many are complaining on Twitter, post, in newspapers, everywhere is talking about the great FAIL AT & T and the iPhone at SXSW. Even Crunchgear says: "Why do people put up with terrible mobile services."

As Om Malik's blog is a release of AT & T promises better services for the next few days from this evening, also said that the response was achieved after the avalanche of tuiteos ... let's see how this story ends.