i-Mate Legionnaires Warrior, mobile and integrated NETBOOK

4:45 AM Edited by Blony

i-Mate has just made known its new prototype mobile devices, the i-Mate Legionnaires and the i-Mate Warrior, a cellphone and a NETBOOK to work integrated with each other to a new concept.

The i-Mate Legionnaires is a mobile phone that runs at 800 MHz and Windows Mobile 6.5. In addition comes with some good modern specifications, such as a WVGA screen, HSDPA connectivity, integrated GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, among other features.

But that's not all ... The i-Mate NETBOOK Warrior comes with its own battery and a 10-inch widescreen display, but has no hard disk storage used as SDS and a variety of ports including one HDMI.

Will wonder how the i-Mate Warrior processor or if it has no internal memory and a docking station is about ....

... What makes the i-Mate Legionnaires within the screen and the touchpad to function as NETBOOK!

Apparently, the docking system more mobile and cost about $ 500 Jim Morrison, CEO i-mate, said that the concept is to bring the user to the computing cloud. Hopefully not something like the Palm Foleo or the other concepts and prototypes that never see the light, is something very interesting to see on the street.