I Love My Phone: stories of love and hatred in the mobile world

6:44 AM Edited by Blony

Here we are with the opening of a new section: I Love My Phone. This space is dedicated to all of you to post your stories of love and hate with your phone.

Have you bought an iPhone and no longer able to do without it? You have been bewitched by the world of BlackBerry hardware and services and want to share your experience? Are you tired of bugs in your phone and, in a surge of generosity, you are to report to the whole world?

Well, write to the object using suggerimenti@mobileblog.it "I Love My Phone" and Share your experiences, like that time that you have been left by the girl because he was too dipententi or cellular-in that Google Maps on the iPhone allowed you to arrive at work in your life, or even when the sudden reset of the mobile phone has deleted the numbers of your fans ...

All experiences are possible, whether they simply want to tell what works well on your model, whether they want to tell a funny story involving your phone.

Obviously be used only by those who report actually that particular phone, so that we can describe the pros and cons detached from the more technical language of a review. I like to show photos of your love for the phone, stories and / or your cartoons illustrate.