HTC will launch at least three teams in 2009 with Android

4:38 AM Edited by Blony

. HTC is the largest manufacturer associated with a global Microsoft Windows Mobile. It was also the first manufacturer to launch the first team to Android, Google's operating system.

Now HTC is launching the second day of the team with Android, the HTC or HTC G2 Magic, which was first sold in Europe by Vodafone (and can be booked) and then will be launched in the world. With that background it should love both Microsoft and Google, and should be looking askance at each other, to see what makes each one moves in conjunction with HTC.

The news today goes beyond this dispute, as the CEO of HTC said they will launch "at least" similar to the 3 teams with Magic HTC Android more during the remainder of 2009.

At an average of 10 teams per year, with production then Android will be 30% of the total release of HTC, a success for Google over Microsoft. we will see that Microsoft took actions to avoid losing more ground. So far Microsoft is in a Chinese 3G alternative ...