Gartner market research and senseless

7:02 AM Edited by Blony

. Leo Fortune in a headline that shockea: Gartner: iPhone sales grew 245% in 2008 in a note that looks more like a press release from Apple that otherwise

3 Reasons to believe that the study of Fortune and the note is ridiculous:
1. In July launched the iPhone 3G
2. IPhone 2G but only in very few markets.
3. In late 2008 the demand for the iPhone 3G is so low that the promotions are in fashion in all countries

What does that? The growth of sales of the iPhone is not as important as it was in 2008 when the distribution was global, launched a version which operated its main advantage (and Safari web applications) but ... I wanted people already have it and other brands continue to launch new models.

What should I do Gartner study? One that shows the curves of sales every month and will inevitably fall if there is a new computer soon in stores.