Finland adopted the Act Nokia against industrial espionage

7:24 AM Edited by Blony

The Finnish Parliament approved yesterday by a majority with 96 votes in favor and 56 against, a controversial reform of the Law on the Protection of Electronic Communications that will allow businesses, both public and private, to investigate the emails of their employees to prevent the leaking of secrets or confidential information.

As expected, approval has generated all kinds of controversy because many believe it is a violation of privacy, although it is true that the law only allows the recipient to see who sent the e-mails and attachments but not the actual content of the message.

This reform is known as the Nordic country 'Nokia Law', as has been the manufacturer of mobile phones who has pressured the government after it suffered several cases of espionage. Rumors suggesting that even Nokia would leave the country if the reform is not carried out. Logically, the company has denied this outright.