FacebookIM for Windows Mobile. New version 2.1 with many new!

5:01 AM Edited by Blony

FacebookIM of which we were able to speak a few months ago. This is a program developed by the increasingly ubiquitous XDA team, which allows you to chat with their Facebook contacts, a po 'as already happens with Nimbuzz and other similar programs.

The program, in recent months, has made great strides and that is how things have gone from 1.06b release in February, the current 2.1, downloadable from the official website. Numerous innovations for a full list of which I refer you to the official changelog. Among the more interesting, more stability, the presence of an alphabetically ordered list of your contacts, integration with the mobile version of facebook, the ability to upload images and video, support for phones with the touch and, finally, a better user interface, including a number of indicators that show the presence of new messages or notifications.

Check the video. The client will not be official, but is not, however, by no means a bad product;)